Energy Leadership Index assessment

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Energy Leadership Index assessment

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I want to KNOW MORE about myself, my life, and what I can do to *really* empower myself and my marriage


  • What does the ELI assessment measure? 

This one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment measures your current level of consciousness, particularly your ability to affect positive change in your life and relationships. The results will reveal the details of your unique energetic makeup, which includes your typical patterns under both stressful and "normal" conditions. 

  • What's the big deal about these measurements?

Once you become aware of how your restrictive patterns are limiting your capacity to create a truly fulfilling life, you've already begun the transformational process. You'll have the insight needed to intentionally make a choice in how you respond, rather than react, to stress. This means you can begin to powerfully show up and rise to the occasion that is your life! 

These measurements will also highlight your strengths and those areas you're naturally rocking out. That's a big deal because you can make a conscious choice to capitalize on what you're already great at. 

Of course, the biggest impact is that you'll begin to profoundly understand how your energy is always at work, shaping your perceived reality. -And you'll grasp the importance of knowing that you have choices in how you see yourself, your relationships, your marriage, your life, your options, and opportunities, and how you show up for these things.

You'll walk away from the debrief session resonating with a really big truth- that you have the ability to raise your level of consciousness, have more available energy for engaging in life, and create an authentic, fulfilling relationship with yourself, your partner, and your life. 

*Imagine your life/relationship/marriage the way it is right now. Now imagine the way it can be once you raise your level of consciousness and ride those ripples you'll be making. Yeah, ripples. 

  • What happens after I purchase the ELI assessment?

You will receive an email with the assessment link within the hour of your purchase. Take the assessment when you have at least 20 minutes to yourself, with no distractions. This is an opportunity to spend some quality time focusing on just you! Once you complete and submit your assessment, you will receive a follow-up email with your results and a request to schedule your complimentary debrief session. 

During the debrief session, which will last about an hour and a half, we will go over your results and I will teach more about Energy Leadership, including how you can apply it towards meeting your personal relationship goals.