A Kick Ass Marriage is by no means ordinary. But neither are you. 

You are a limitless being with untapped potential. Isn't it time to begin exploring and experiencing all that life and love have to offer? 

Creating Your Kick Ass Marriage

"How you show up for anything is how you show up for everything." -and that's why the work begins with you. You begin by taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™, which details how you're showing up in life across seven levels of energy- in both optimal and stressful circumstances (because, for better or for worse, right?). This invites awareness into your life and is guarantee to rock your world. Think of these results as being a map of your consciousness. You're going to learn things about yourself that you didn't even know you didn't know. Yeah, it's like that. 

If your spouse is also on board with coaching, get ready to get really intimate. We'll discuss your assessment results in a combined debrief session.  By the time the debrief is completed, you're going to be wearing shades to protect your eyes from the bright light bulbs shining above your heads. You might even ask, "Does any one else hear those angels singing or nah?" You're going to have the missing puzzle pieces, and you're going to be ready to put them into place and study the bigger picture. Enough with the metaphors, but seriously- I'm passionate about the results my clients get from the assessment alone.

*Note- Although it is certainly beneficial when both partners sign-up and do the work together, I am a firm believer that one person's growth within the marriage can create a ripple effect that also transforms the other. If your spouse isn't about this life, shoot me an email through the contact form so we can connect. I want you to understand how beneficial coaching is even if it's just for you! 

From there, your coaching sessions will be custom tailored to address your unique energetic makeup, using the process of Core Energy Coaching™.  This process was produced by the founder of iPEC, Bruce D Schneider, and was created and developed from areas and fields such as consulting, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, mentoring, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, various learning theories, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.  You can expect to work towards: 

  • gaining greater awareness of how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are influencing how you lead your self and your marriage
  • clearing energetic blocks that are limiting your potential to create a truly authentic and fulfilling marriage
  • increasing your overall amount of energy by identifying sources of catabolic (restrictive) energy and transforming your relationship with those sources to create more anabolic (expansive) energy. 
  • identifying your core values and how they're influencing your overall happiness
  • growing in ways that powerfully impact every facet of your life
  • getting real about your marriage- where you are and where you want to be
  • examining your levels of satisfaction in areas of relationship such as boundaries, communication, mutual support, friendship, sexuality, honesty, intimacy, and trust. 
  • creating and following through with action steps to create your ideal marriage
  • enjoying the freedom and sexiness that comes from having a KICK ASS MARRIAGE

"By working with Jenn, I was able to do some serious, deep soul searching and really come into my own power and genuine inner strength. That shift flawlessly spilled into my (at the time) rocky marriage. The lines of communication between my husband and I are now open in ways I never thought possible, which is great being that we're expecting our first child!" -Mel