Marriage, it's all sunshine and rainbows and happily ever-afters, right? Riiiiiight. Today's standards for marriage demand more than a partnership that is "good enough". We want it all. We want the romance and the realness. We want the coziness and the excitement! We want a marriage that feels like forever yet tastes like freedom.

A Kick Ass Marriage isn't a mythical creature. It's an adventure of a lifetime, and I'm here to get you started. Reach out through the contact form so we can schedule your no-strings attached discovery session! Will 2017 be the year you become your own #relationshipgoals? 

xo -Jennifer 


"There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are for Jennifer. As a couple, we were at our wit's end. We had just gone through six months of therapy and felt extremely stuck. We were looking for a change, without understanding what and how to change.

Through working with Jennifer, we not only were able to understand ourselves better, but we've been able to understand each other better. Unlike therapy, where the therapist told us what we needed to do, Jennifer asked us questions to figure out WHAT WE NEEDED. She helped us see our relationship more clearly so we could then decide what we needed to change.

We brought our marriage from an extremely draining, unconscious cycle to a highly conscious couple. We both now understand each of our reactions when stressed, how to support each other through stress, and each of our top values (individually and as a family). This has created a supportive and highly positive space for us to grow together.

Both of us have felt supported and heard during this entire process, which was extremely refreshing. Jennifer is seriously magic working with couples and I cannot recommend her enough!"  -Sarah & Kyle